Pregnancy Options

The pregnancy test is positive…and it is likely that you feel scared and overwhelmed with this unexpected news.  Trying to make life-altering decisions during such an emotional time can be lonely and difficult.  At the Pregnancy Resource Center of Owasso, you will not find anyone judging you or telling you what to decide.

We have helped hundreds of women just like you by providing free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds.  Plus, a nurse is available to answer all your questions and help you understand all available choices.  All of our medical services and appointment are FREE and strictly confidential.  So, take the next step and schedule an appointment today.  You do not have to go through this alone.

Pregnancy Options

There are countless loving parents looking for the opportunity to adopt. With adoption, you can be as involved as you want to be in choosing a home for your baby. You can also decide how much contact (if any) you will have in your baby’s life. We can help connect you with the right adoption agency for your specific needs.

Parenting is not an easy task, especially when it comes to your first child. This is exactly why we have developed a program where first-time parents can come together in a group setting to learn alongside those who are in similar life situations. Learn more about our parenting classes →

Abortion means ending your pregnancy. No woman should have to make this decision alone, which is why we offer the resources you need to fully understand the process and effects of abortion.

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